Tiger Print Stretch Velvet
Snow leopard stretch velvet
Colorful Feathers Print Stretch Velvet Spandex Fabric with Lycra
          Flat Spandex Stretch Velvet                   Crushed Panne Spandex Stretch Velvet              Printed Stretch Velvet Spandex      

Animal Print Spandex Stretch Velvet                            Tie Dye Print Stretch Velvet

Snakeskin Stretch Velvet Spandex Lycra
Red crushed panne velvet fabric
Stripes Red & White Stripes Print Stretch Velvet and many more prints!
Flat stretch velvet spandex fabrics
Mettalic Printed Stretch Velvet Spandex Fabric with Lycra! Great for costumes!
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Zebra Stretch Velvet Spandex Lycra fabric
Wild Thing Stretch Velvet Spandex Fabric
Leopard Gray White Velvet Spandex Fabric
Leopard Purple Velvet
Velvet Foil Animal Print Cheetah
Brown Tiger Print Velvet Foil
Turquoise Snakeskin Print Stretch Velvet Spandex Lycra Fabric
Animal Print Stretch Velvet Spandex Fabric with Lycra
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Tie Dye Stretch Velvet Spandex Fabric with Lycra